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Lubby is based on other projects, without these projects, and the work of those people, Lubby would not exist.

Linux (runs also on Windows and Mac)

Lubby is designed for the free operating system and runs completely onit. We use free software for our development but it can be developed, installed and used under Windows and Macintosh as well. We use the netbeans IDE.

Debian on the serverside, Kubuntu on the desktop, Windows for tests

Lubby development uses Kubuntu as the desktop operating system and debian on our servers. Windows clients are used for testing browser compatibilities.

JEE 6 and the JSF 2.0 Framework

Lubby was originally programmed in PHP 5 and used the Prado framework.The new version is written in Java and based on JEE 6. The application server we use is glassfish. On our servers it runs on Debian/GNU Linux but it can also be deployed on Windows or Mac.

Postgres SQL

The Lubby backend is programmed in Postgres. A fantastic high-quality Database Management System. It uses the full text search features. Postgresql can be installed on Windows too.

C++ and Qt libraries

Some parts of the knowledgebase are written in C++. To be shure that all the parts of the software are platform independent, we use Qt libraries. The development is done on Windows and Linux. On Windows we use an official Nokia (Trolltech) license and use Visual Studio. All programs but one can be compiled with the free version of Qt.

Complete platform independent

The whole knowledgebase, as well as the development is completely platform independent. We have also taken care of internationalisation and multi language possibilities from the start.

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