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Lubby Frequently asked Questions

Q: Why? Aren't there enough?!

A: It all started in 2003. I had to do some programming do be done for a Linux Light Client project and I desperatly needed some information. I could not get the needed information, because I had to work my way through thousands of hits. I knew it was out there somewhere and finally I found the needed information after reading hundreds of pages.

Then I was looking for knowledge databases for quite a while and I found a few, but none of them was exactly what I wanted. That's why I decided to work on Lubby.

Q: Everything for free, really? For how long?

A: Well, that's something, we would like to garantee. Even the largest projects can't remain independent without sponsoring. Right now, Lubby has been growing continously and we have set ourselves a few new goals. We hope to establish Lubby as a free knowledge base for good. Find more information under Lubby News and in history.

Q: What OS do you use for Lubby?

A: All server systems are running a 64-Bit Debian version. You can take a look at the Debian Homepage. Debian is a free Enterprise Linux Distribution.

Q: What programming language did you use?

A: For the Backend, we use a 64-Bit Postgres database. Part of the logic has been written in SQL and C++, for the Web-frontend, we used PHP5 with Prado on a Apache Webserver. In 2010, the Frontend has been migrated to J2EE, running on a Glassfish. Right now, we are working on an Offline-Client, written in C++ with QT libraries.

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