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History of the Lubby Project


The backend-system has been redesigned and the Website was migrated from PHP to Java Enterprise Edition 5 (= JEE5). An additional Site for error messages will be built:


We designed a new database with Windows error messages on a testsystem. We made an Update of Prado Framework to version 3.1.2 from April, 21 2008. Upon several minor Changes on the knowledgebase and a short downtime in january, we suffered under bad indexing in the major search engines. Will take a while to reach our former status, but we are back on track. We did an Update to Prado version 3.1.1. We registered several new internet domains for future use.


We designed a Windows knowledge base. From now on, Windows and Linux will be treated evenly (Version 1.0.7). the internal XML layout of our knowledge base articels has been changed, et al. for mentioning the author. we redesigned the overview pages, for instance now the most recent articels are on top (order by DESC). The Lubby Domain got its own server! First Upload with redirection to has been established. Upload to the Lubby root server. Adressable only over IP.


Prado v3 now has alpha status. From now on, Lubby will be programmed in v3.


A decision has been made: it will be PHP Framework Prado. Wim Peeters favors to do the development of the website with Prado Framework. The database backend has been finished.


Lubby has been removed from freshmeat.Freshmeat advertises downloadable software, no websites. We respect this decision. The internet domain has been reserved. The Lubby Project has been presented as universal Linux knowledge base. The presentation was intended 4 persons and has been held in Kisdorf, Germany. As name "Lubby" has been elected, it stands for Linux Universal Base by everybody. Another Meaning is to be contrary to lobby. Lubby stands for an open informations principle.

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