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Lubby Roadmap

We are no Psychics, but here we'll try a look into the future... In the end, everything depends on time, money and support, we'll hav and receive ;-)

Roadmap 2010

After a complete redesign to Java, we have to accept a certain setback, especially a heavy loss in search engine hits. Quite disappointing, but we decided, it's better to do it now, not later.

Roadmap 2011

Finalizing our ambitious goals for 2010; then promote the site and with some luck we'll find some more sponsors? Settle everything for the search engines to catch on again :). Finalizing and stabilising our Offline client.

Roadmap 2012

Depending on acceptance and spreading, we might be able to enlarge the community and the count of sponsors.

Downloadable subsets of the knowledge base(s) for offline usage.


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