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Uptime tool for windows 64-bit systems

This tool will show you the days, hours, minutes and seconds your system has been up and running. Your system can be up and running for more than 500 years before the counters will be set to 0 again. A nice tool for system administrators.


More information about this program
Platform Windows Server 2008 64-bit (with or without Citrix XenApp), Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-Bit.
Limitations This software only runs on 64-Bit Windows Systems. The product is fully functional and there is no commercial version available. You can download and use it. (Sources are closed)
There is no commercial version For more information about the tool please contact Keskon GmbH & Co. KG. and send an e-mail to
Queued new Features No queued new features
Known bugs no known bugs
Installed base Unknows
Feedback and feature requests If you have any feedback or wishes for future versions you can send them to Keskon GmbH & Co. KG e-mail Do not forget to include the name of the software.
Bug report If you find a bug you can e-mail us at
Download uptime.exe
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