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How to use Lubby

You can use Lubby to find detailed information about Linux.

To start searching you have to go to the databases searchpage and fill in your information.In the search field you can enter a query. After entering your query, you should click on the button "Search Article". You will be presented with a list of possible answers ordered by ranking. The ranking is a nummerical value representing the chance of answering the question.

When you have the list of Articles, you can read the title and click on the ones you would like to see. A nice thing is to open them in a new "Tab" and after opening a few, you can read them easily.

The "Tabs" you opened always have the same information structure.The Articles in the Lubby database have the same layout.


  • Title
  • Symptom
  • Cause
  • Solution

You will see the title, a symptom, a cause and a solution for the problem described. When it is a howto Article, the symptom and cause might not have a value.

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