TBLEN10003: Commonly used component abbreviations for Electronic Components on PCBs

A list of Abbreviation used on PCBs (= Printed circuit boards)

PCB Component abbreviations
A Sub-assembly or plug-in module
AE Antenna
BT Battery
C Capacitor
D Diode
DS Display
DB Diode Bridge
EC Electrolitic capacitor
F Fuse
FB Ferrite bead
FD Fiducial
FL Filter
GND Ground, 0 Volt reference
H Hardware (e.g. mounting screws)
HS ?
IC Integrated circuit
J Jack or connector (or fixed part of a connector pair)
JP Jumper or link
K Relay
L Inductor, ferrite bead or coil
LED Light emmiting diode
LS Loudspeaker, buzzer
M Motor
MK Microphone
OSC Oscilator
P Pad, Pin, Header, Plug, Pushbutton or movable part of a connector pair
Q Transistor
R Resistor
RP ?
RN Resistor network
RT Thermistor
RV Varistor
SC Stress cut piezoelectric crystal
SW Switch
T Transformer
TC Thermocouple
TH Thermal Fuse
TP Test point
TR ?
U Integrated circuit (also IC)
VCC Voltage common collector
VR Variable Resistor
X Crystal
Y Crystal oscillator
Z Zener diode
ZD Zener diode

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