TBLEN10004: Metric prefixes / Prefixes or the SI-System (= Système international d’unités) / Präfixe für das Internationale Einheitensystem

The prefixes follow a decimal pattern.

SI prefixes
Prefix Symbol Value Extra
Quetta Q 1030 Quintillion
Ronna R 1027 Quadrillliarde
Yotta Y 1024 Quadrillion
Zetta Z 1021 Trilliarde
Exa E 1018 Trillion
Peta P 1015 Billiarde
Tera T 1012 Billion
Giga G 109 Milliarde
Mega M 106 Million
Kilo K or k 103 Tausend
Hekto h 102 Hundert
Deka da 101 Zehn
- - 1 Eins
Dezi d 10-1 Zehntel
Zenti c 10-2 Hunderstel
Milli m 10-3 Tausendstel
Mikro µ 10-6 Millionstel
Nano n 10-9 Milliardstel
Piko p 10-12 Billionstel
Femto f 10-15 Billiardstel
Atto a 10-18 Trillionstel
Zepto z 10-21 Trilliardstel
Yokto y 10-24 Quadrillionstel
Ronto r 10-27 Quadrilliardstel
Quekto q 10-30 Quintillionstel

Please notice the following inconsistencies:

Values smaller than 1 have a lowercase character and multiples have a highercase character. There are 3 exception here: Deka (da), Hekto (h) and Kilo (k). This is historical.

The high values end on "a" the low values end on "o".

Have fun.


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